MenĂº Cerrar

Instructions on how to get to the parking lot

Once you have the electronic card (Tag), you go back into Boulevard AustrĂ­aco, turn around the roundabout and go to the next roundabout in the direction of zone 5, turn around that second roundabout and enter the auxiliary lane, a little further on is the entrance to the establishment .

This is the way down to the establishment, go down and cross to the right.

You must follow the signs, cross on the right at the first entrance towards Lirios 2 Condominios entrance.

The card must touch the reader for it to be read.

You must go to Basement 2.

You must follow 2 rows and cross to the right.

On the right hand side you will find assigned parking lot No. 168.

The number is painted on the floor.

The parking lot is in front of F2

You must go up in elevator A2. It is located behind to the left of where you have parked.

Press level 2 and look for apartment A205.

On the door of apartment A205 there is an electronic key, you place 3 fingers on the black screen and it turns on, enter the code that we are going to send you and the check sign.

To lock the door from the outside you only have to put 3 fingers again. Don’t forget to lock the door when you leave and take your electronic card with you. Without the electronic card you cannot go back up to the apartment